Affichem is a biotech company whose mission is to design, develop and market innovative therapeutic molecules and theranostic markers for the treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Created in October 2002, this Innovative Company is based in Toulouse, hosting the largest University Cancer Institute in Europe.
Founded on the results of many years of academic research, this INSERM spin-off develops and enhances several families of molecules with high potential.

The first 2 families of proprietary molecules (AF122 and AF243) selected by Affichem are aimed at markets that have major and unsatisfied needs: acute myeloid leukemia, metastatic melanoma and refractory breast cancers and hearing loss. The third one is aiming cosmetics market (AF130).

Affichem also targets the diagnostics market with the discovery of a breast cancer biomarker for the detection and monitoring of the therapeutic efficacy of anti-cancer drugs (AF300).

This marker, intended for commercialization, but also for the optimization of internal clinical research, launches Affichem into the field of theranostics.

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