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1. Affichem USA Inc.

... Poirot and Dr. Sandrine Silvente-Poirot (Affichem co-founders) as leaders in field of cancer and cholesterol metabolism. The discovery of Dendrogenins and their unique biological properties gained ...

2. Publications

... Pipy B., Silvente-Poirot S., Favre G., Faye J. C., and Poirot M. Tamoxifen is a Potent Inhibitor of Cholesterol Esterification and Prevents the Formation of Foam Cells. J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 308: 1165-1173, ...

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                 Read the abstract See the EC website See the AFHELO website Read the abstract See the website   See the video Read the abstract See the website Last publications : Surprising unreactivity of cholesterol-5,6-epoxides towards nucleophiles. M.R. Paillasse, N. Saffon, H. Gornitzka, S. Silvente-Poirot, M. Poirot, and P. de Medina. J. Lipid Res., 53:718–72, April 2012. Identification and pharmacological characterization of cholesterol-5,6-epoxide hydrolase as a target for tamoxifen ...

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