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1. Affichem USA Inc.

Affichem creates a subsidiary in the USA in the State of New Jersey: Affichem USA Inc. In November 2013, the management of Affichem formed a U.S. subsidiary to cultivate ties with the USA and other major pharmaceutical markets. It is essential for the French biotechnology company to have an international presence in order to successfully develop and commercialize its technology. The publication ...

2. AF243

AF243 : a drug to restore hearing. AF243 induces neuron survival and neuronal differentiation. Its efficacy has been validated in vivo, on a robust model of chemically-induced deafness, designed to test cochlear implants. The non-peptide nature of AF243 gives it a competitive advantage over the currently known neurotrophic factors. In addition, its synthesis by chemical means, not by biotechnological processes, guarantees its ...

3. Corporate

... (including acute myeloid leukemia, melanoma, breast cancer) , neurodegenerative diseases (including deafness and hearing loss), and dermo-cosmetics (including self-tanning, anti-aging). The first two families ...

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