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1. Affichem USA Inc.

Affichem creates a subsidiary in the USA in the State of New Jersey: Affichem USA Inc. In November 2013, the management of Affichem formed a U.S. subsidiary to cultivate ties with the USA and other major pharmaceutical markets. It is essential for the French biotechnology company to have an international presence in order to successfully develop and commercialize its technology. The publication ...

2. Publications

... F, Courbon F, Record M, Poirot M, Silvente-Poirot S. Importance of cholesterol and oxysterols metabolism in the pharmacology of tamoxifen and other AEBS ligands, Chemistry and Physics of Lipids ...

3. Management

... outsourcing a part of its R&D through collaborative projects with Dr. Poirot’s team:  “Sterol metabolism and therapeutic innovations in oncology” (Inserm UMR 1037). Executive Stéphane SILVENTE Ms, MBA ...

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