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1. Affichem USA Inc.

... technology. Affichem licensed the right to Dendrogenins to Affichem USA Inc. in the fields of Oncology and Neurosciences (including deafness) to attract the additional capital sources necessary to fund ...

2. Biomarkers

Discovery of a biomarker for cancer detection and monitoring the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs : AF300.  As a result of metabolomic research in oncology, a new metabolite, named AF300, has been identified that is accumulated in various tumors and involved in tumor progression and invasiveness. A patent related to its properties and identification was granted in June 2011. All the steps leading ...

3. Management

The Affichem team has been built on complementary and multidisciplinary backgrounds and skills. Affichem is closely tied in with public research by outsourcing a part of its R&D through collaborative projects with Dr. Poirot’s team:  “Sterol metabolism and therapeutic innovations in oncology” (Inserm UMR 1037). Executive Stéphane SILVENTE Ms, MBA – Co-founder, Chairman & CEO. EDC Paris business school graduate. Ms in International Negotiation ...

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